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The International Conference on Advanced Materials, Nanosciences and Applications (ICAMANA 2019) and Training school in Spectroscopies for Environment and Nanochemistry are organized by Mohammed Premier University (UMP), Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) and Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI), in December 10th-13th, 2019, at Campus University of Transfer of Technologies and Expertise – Knowledge Campus, Technopole Oujda, Morocco. The theme of this event is "Research and Innovation of Materials, Prospects and New Opportunities". It aims to explore recent advances in research and innovation of functional and innovative materials in a wide range of applications: energy storage, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textiles, smart packaging, nanomaterials, nanocomposites, molecular materials and electronics, spin crossover systems, coordination polymers, ...etc. This meeting is a platform for discussions and presentations on advanced materials of natural origin or developed to meet specific needs in the context of sustainable development. The lectures are organized according to plenary sessions presented by speakers of international renown, and oral presentations and posters giving the opportunity to researchers, doctoral students, and industrials to present their work on new trends in materials and their products with their applications. In parallel with the conference, participants are invited to participate to a training school on spectroscopies for environmental applications and nanochemistry, illustrating the use of sophisticated techniques, such as e.g. Mössbauer spectroscopy.

December 10th-13th,




Keynotes Speakers

Dr. Gonzalo Abellán Sáez

University of Valencia, Spain & University of Erlangen–Nuremberg, Germany (Abstract)

Prof. Joulia LARIONOVA

Univ. Montpellier, France (Abstract)

Prof. Mario Ruben

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany (Abstract)

Prof. Junhu Wang

Dalian Institute of Chemical physics, China (Abstract)

Prof. Daniel B. Leznoff

Simon Fraser University, Canada (Abstract)

Prof. Michael SINGLETON

UCLouvain, Belgium (Abstract)

Prof. Jiwei Ma

Tongji University in Shanghai, Chine(Abstract)

Dr Haralampos N. Miras

University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom (Abstract)


Univ. Paris Saclay, France (Abstract)

Prof. Smail TRIKI

Univ. Brest, France (Abstract)

Prof. Gerard Śliwiński

Szewalski Institute, Poland (Abstract)

Prof. Maria Amparo F Faustino

University of Aveiro, Portugal (Abstract)

Prof. Pedro Fardim

joint professor at KU Leuven and at Aalto University Finland (Abstract)

Prof. Abdelali OUDRISS

La Rochelle University, France (Abstract)

Dr Paulo Martinho

University of Lisbon, Portugal (Abstract)

Dr Aurelian Rotaru

Univ. of Suceava, Romania (Abstract)

Prof. Mohammed J. Meziani

Northwest Missouri State University, USA (Abstract)

Prof. Jean Marc GRENÈCHE

Univ. Maine, France (Abstract)


CNRS Montpellier, France (Abstract)

Prof. Laurent FONTAINE

Institute of Macromolecules and Materials of Le Mans -France (Abstract)

Prof. Abdelhafed TALEB

Sorbonne université, IRCP/Chimie ParisTech, Paris, France (Abstract)

Prof. El Arbi BAZZAOUI

FS Oujda, Morocco (Abstract)

Prof. Jean Marie GENIN

Univ. Nancy Lorraine, France (Abstract)

Dr Mathieu DUTTINE

ICMCB Bordeaux, France (Abstract)


Univ. Radon, Poland (Abstract)

Prof. M. G. P. M. S. Neves

University of Aveiro, Portugal (Abstract)


    Great personalities of representative institutions of oriental region and in Morocco
    - Mr. Mohamed BENKADDOUR, President of the Mohammed Premier University
    - Mr. Motonobu KASAJIMA, WBI General Delegate in Rabat
    - Mr. Mouaad JAMAI, Wali of Oriental Region
    - Mr. Abdenbi BAIYOUI, President of the Oriental Region
Professor Smaail RADI (FS Oujda)
Doyen de la Faculté des Sciences
Université Mohammed Premier, Oujda-Maroc
Email : s.radi@ump.ac.ma
Tél : +212 661403003

Professor Yann GARCIA (UC Louvain)
Université catholique de Louvain
Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences
Molecular Chemistry, Materials and Catalysis (IMCN/MOST)
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique
Email: yann.garcia@uclouvain.be
Tél : +3210472826

Professor Abderrahmane El IDRISSI (FS Oujda)
Laboratoire de Chimie Appliquée et Environnement (LCAE)
Département de Chimie, Faculté des Sciences
Université Mohammed Premier, Oujda-Maroc
Email : a.elidrissi@ump.ac.ma
Tél : +212 666 577011

Professor Abdesselam TAHANI (FS Oujda)
Laboratoire de Chimie Physique des Ressources
Naturelles et Environnement (LACPRENE)
Département de Chimie, Faculté des Sciences
Université Mohammed Premier, Oujda-Maroc
Email : a1.tahani@ump.ac.ma
Tél : +212 667 086 196
  • Prof. Smaail RADI (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Yann GARCIA (UC Louvain-Belgique)
  • Prof. Mustapha RAIHANE (FST Marrakech)
  • Prof. Omar SENHAJI (FST Errachidia)
  • Prof. Ali EL BACHIRI (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Abdelmonaem TALHAOUI (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Samira SALHI (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Abdelkader OULMIDI (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Rachid TOUZANI (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Mohammed HALIM (FS Rabat)
  • Prof. Zahra BAHARI (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Mohamed RAMDANI (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Mohamed EL ASRI (FST Fes)
  • Prof. Tarik CHAFIK (FST Tanger)
  • Prof. Mimoun BOUALLOU (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Aziz BOULOUIZ (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Ahamed EL HARFI (FS Kénitra)
  • Prof. Soufian ELBARKANI (FP Nador)
  • Prof. Faouaz JEFFALI (EST Oujda)
  • Prof. Mohcine KODAD (EST Oujda)
  • Prof. Abdelouahad AOUNITI (FS Oujda)
  • Prof. Abdelkader ZARROUK (FS, Rabat)
  • Prof. Mohamed EL KODADI (CRMEF Oujda)
  • Prof. Ahmed BOULAHNA (FST Fes, Morocco)
  • Prof. Mohamed ABOU-SALAMA (FP Nador, Morocco)
  • Prof. Brahim ELOUADI (Univ. La Rochelle, France)
  • Prof. Jean Marie LEHN (Univ. de Strasbourg, France)
  • Prof. Junhu WANG (DICP Dalian, China)
  • Prof. Yulia GORBUNOVA (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russie)
  • Prof. Smaail RADI (FS Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Yann GARCIA (UCLouvain, Belgique)
  • Prof. Clément SANCHEZ (Collège de France, France)
  • Prof. Abderrahman EL IDRISSI (FS Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Belkheir HAMMOUTI (FS Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Hiroki OSHIO (Univ. TSUKUBA, Japan)
  • Prof. Elkhadir GHARIBI (FS Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dima GELMAN (The Hebrew university)
  • Prof. Ismail OZDEMIR (Univ. Malatya, Turkey)
  • Prof. Abdelkrim MAAROUFI (FS Rabat, Morocco)
  • Prof. Fazia DERRIDJ ( Univ. Tzi-Ouzou, Algeria)
  • Prof. Fouad MALEK (FS Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Stanislaw DUBIEL (AGH Krakow, Poland)
  • Prof. Allal CHELLIOUI (FS Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Mohamed SAIJIEDDINE (FST Béni-Mellal, Morocco)
  • Prof. Christine Mc KENZIE (University of Southern, Denmark)
  • Prof Eugenio CORONADO (University of Valencia, Spain)
  • Prof. Abdelkader OULMIDI (FS Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Hassan AMHAMDI (FST, El Hoceima)
  • Prof. Alain WATTIAUX (ICMCB Pessac, France)
  • Prof. Ramzi KHIARI (ISET Ksar Hellal, Tunisia)
  • Dr Jean Marc Greneche (Univ. Maine, France)
  • Prof. El Arbi BAZZAOUI (FS Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Carmen DEL HOYO MARTINEZ (Univ. SALAMANCA, Spain)
  • Prof. Mouad DAHBI (Univ. Polytechnique MohammedVI, Maroc)
  • Prof. Nour-Eddine AOUF (Univ. Annaba, Algeria)
  • Prof. Omar SENHAJI (FS Errachidia, Morocco)
  • Prof. MOUNIA MERABET-KHELASSI (Univ. Annaba, Algeria)
  • Prof. Yasser KARZAZI (FS Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Ahmed CHETOUANI (CRMEF Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Amel DJEDOUANI (Univ. Constantine, Algeria)
  • Prof. Abdelouahed EL HIMRI (FS Oujda, Morocco)
  • Prof. Muthusamy ESWARAMOORTHY (JNCASR, Bangalore, India)


- Composite, cement and ceramic
- Drug delivery and prosthesis
- Phosphate and material for agriculture
- Organic, inorganic and hybrid materials
- MOF and applications
- Polymers
- Nanocomposite
- Nanochemistry and Nanomachines
- Nanothechnolgy
- Spin Transition Nanomaterials
- Photomagnitism
- Mechanism and dynamics of the spin transition
- Switching of molecules on surface
- Catalysis
- Corrosion
- Natural products
- Coordination
- Molecular modelling and simulation


Proceedings of this conference will be published in an indexed chemistry journal.
- Journal RHAZES, Green and Applied Chemistry https://revues.imist.ma/index.php?journal=RHAZES
- Moroccan Journal of Chemistry; https://revues.imist.ma/?journal=morjchem
- Materials Today d'Elsevier

Important Dates

First Announcement

May 24th 2019

Abstracts submission

June 1st - October 31th 2019

Notification to participants

October 30th 2019


December 10th-13th, 2019


  Students   Academic   Industrial
  Moroccan   500 DHs   1000 DHs   1500 DHs
  Europeans and others   100 Euros   200 Euros   350 Euros

The organizing committee gives you the possibility of payment of your registration fees via

Banque Populaire : Agence Sidi Maafa-Oujda
Adresse : Angle Bd Hassan II & Amamou Cheikh, Hay AlAndalous
Ville : OUJDA
Pays : MAROC
RIB : 157 570 21116 66573700085 10

Please send us copy of this transaction to : icamana2019@gmail.com
All regular conference services:
- Conference bag with proceedings
- Coffee Breaks
- Lunches for three days
- publication of selected communications


Campus of Knowledge TECHNOPOLE-Oujda
University Mohammed Premier & Faculty of Science – Oujda, Morocco

In hotels under agreement with the Faculty of Sciences of Oujda
  Hotel   ATLAS ORIENT 4*   IBIS 3*   AL MANAR 3*
  Single   620 DHs   569 DHs   300 DHs
  Double   750 DHs   634 DHs   420 DHs
Other adapted accommodation options are possible (Hotel Atlas Terminus 5* ; Raiss 2*A, Jedda)
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